charly; balance bicycle for children 30234

deadweight: 4.5kg

max. load: 36kg

dimensions:  86cm x 52cm x 24cm (length x height x width)

seat height: 33cm and 36cm

height of steering handlebar: 52cm

conformity markings: CE; GS (Geprüfte Sicherheit = tested safety)

design: c Bitzer + w Sirch 

designed: 2014 

in the production of this balance bicycle for children SIRCH has applied the traditional craftsmanship of steam bending – know-how acquired in many years of sled production. SIRCH use this special technique also in other sibis product groups such as the ride-on vehicle "max" and the baby walker "schorsch". applying this complex steam bending craftsmanship generally delivers unique specimens – a special feature of this product. every processed raw wood block differs in growth, grain and colour and each work piece behaves differently during the steam bending process which can be best seen in old bentwood chairs. thus the small and aesthetically charming deviations render a unique bicycle every time. the bentwood body of the balance bicycle is made of solid native ash wood and is cut to its final form after steam bending, careful storage and drying. the body frame has been reduced to its basic functionality and has a clear lacquered finish. the saddle, adjustable to two height levels and made of grey lacquered layered birch wood, and the steering handlebar and wheels are later fitted onto the frame. its adjustable steering stop prevents extreme and uncontrolled movements of the handlebar thus keeping the bicycle safely on track. the two freely turning wooden rims are high-pressure laminated in white and easy to clean. thin special use tyres made of robust and pliable thermoplastic rubber allow for comfortable movement of the small cyclist even without pneumatic tyres.

the product will arrive in a white transport box and fully mounted. SIRCH manufactures in germany as a matter of course. even the tyres are manufactured by a german supplier.